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Healthcare Education

Children, youth and adults with physical or mental challenges suffer twice:

once because of their situation and again by being alienated from their peers and the learning possibilities of a typical learning environment.

Using advanced learning technologies like AI, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) makes it is possible to teach them to cope with their condition and provide a distraction from pain through enjoyable and engaging educational games.

Compedia has extensive experience in the development of innovative learning products that have been used to cope with chronic conditions, diabetes, autism, trauma and depression.

In addition, our programs, which integrates textbooks and AR applications, was chosen for teaching makeup lessons in hospitals and has enabled chronically sick patients to continue learning like their peers.



To teach autistic people to recognize other people’s emotions and to use that knowledge when interacting with their surroundings.


Nurses Training

To train hospital nurses on procedures relating to hygiene, patient examinations and provision of treatment and medicines.



To encourage healthy behavior patterns for diabetes management.

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