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STEAM Education

The 21st century is already here, and the workplace is changing at an accelerating pace. Professions that are acquired today are liable to be irrelevant tomorrow.


How can we prepare the children of today for the challenges of tomorrow?

The leading approach today focuses on cognitive and problem-solving skills and on strengthening the STEM-STEAM subjects, namely Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

Compedia has extensive experience in the development of advanced and engaging learning tools in the Sciences and the Arts. Using Compedia’s 3D tools and VR and AR environments, the students can carry out virtual laboratory experiments, go on voyages into space, or travel within the human body, investigate 3D objects, and more.

Compedia has extensive experience in developing multidisciplinary curricula that bring together history, the Arts, and the Sciences and which demonstrate the ties and mutual influences between these worlds. The students acquire research tools and develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities.

The development of these abilities must begin at a young age, and Compedia has broad experience in curricula for the young, which focus on mathematical and linguistic literacy and critical thinking skills.


Space Education

To develop an engineered way of thinking through a unique program that teaches about space and its exploration.


The Virtual Lab

To use innovative technology in the classroom or at home to produce a realistic virtual greenhouse in which kids can carry out experiments to learn about plants.

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