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The Virtual Lab


This project is promoting a new way of teaching and studying science that allows students to actively experience science in an in-depth and meaningful way, rather than passively from a textbook, website, or lectures.

This approach goes hand-in-hand with the Common Core Curriculum adopted by most states in the US, which emphasizes the 21st-century skill-set which calls for advanced learning objects that enable exploration, interaction, investigation, and collaboration in all areas of study.

The lab’s environment is a section of a greenhouse that serves as an investigational platform. The user (teacher or student) can control the stages of the investigation: from planning to experimentation and finally to deduction.

The activity uses Compedia’s AR technology to launch the activity in the textbook and to enhance it with a rich 3D graphic experience to simulate the real world.

Learning Outcomes:

The student will understand that plants depend on water and light to grow.

The student will plan and carry out an investigation.

The student will understand the cause and effect process in the life of plants and prepare a final report.

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